DIY: Your Budget Travel Tips


(Part I)

Want to travel but do not want to break your savings? Below are some of my budget tips that you can apply when planning on traveling abroad or domestically.

Here’s how:


  • When it comes to buying your airline ticket, always plan in advance and have a habit of checking promo websites to see if there are good deals. Tickets are cheaper when you buy the Round Trips. Also, airlines are charging almost everything now so, it is better to travel light. Try to have that One Bag Per Person policy. And if you have plans of shopping for new clothes on your destination, allow a space for your new purchases on your luggage.


  • When eating on a foreign land or anywhere for that matter, I have this habit of planning where will I be dining at and what will I actually eat. This gives me an idea of how much to spend and researching before eating saves me money and time. If I can cook, I cook for myself. Avoid having breakfast from the hotels as they are mostly expensive and is not great. Try going to a local cafe or walk outside to check some. You might stumble onto the local favorites.


  • For transportation, if it is going to be long, I suggest that you travel at night. This way you will save money on accommodation and time. Use their railways. Avoid hiring a cab and use their public transportation. It is way cheaper this way and you will get to familiarize with the place more.


  • On accommodations, sometimes staying in the next town 15 minutes to the preferred hotel locations are less expensive. This will save you a bundle. Look for guesthouses, hostels, a nice suite. Always ask the locals, they know better.


  • When it comes to touring your preferred destination, tourist spots are not always good or the most interesting place to visit. Walk around, go to local areas and observe life. You might just be surprised and have the meaningful travel ever. Enjoy every local version of everything. Local food, local beer, local anything. They are worth your money. By the way, most of the time they are cheaper. Also, be flexible with your trips. Plan where you want to go to and the days you want to stay in that area. Sometimes an extended day is worth it. Do not follow the crowd. Go during off season. It is less crowded, and again, cheaper.


  • Talk to the locals, befriends with them and chat with them. They are you friends. They know better. Like the best place to eat, chill and sometimes offer you to stay over or suggest the best accommodation in town.

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