How to Get Schengen Visa from Dubai

How to Get Schengen Visa from Dubai

I have been wanting to travel to Europe way before when I was working in the Philippines but I did’t have the chance to apply for a Schengen Visa. When I came here in Dubai, I thought, why not apply now for a Schengen Visa and travel Europe. I am currently on my second year residing in Dubai and I thought it is about time. So, I researched online to see how Shcengen Visa application process are being done here in Dubai. I’m going to share to you how I got to have a Schengen Visa via VFS Dubai.

I planned to travel to Czech Republic on a DIY travel plan so I went to see the requirements needed for a Schengen Visa particularly for this country as Entry Point.

The basic requirements are as follows:

  1. Properly filled-out Application Form which can be downloaded here.
  2. 1 recent passport size photo with white background and neutral expression of the face and paste it on the application form
  3. Your original passport with the UAE Residence Visa stamp and Emirates Card. You must provide photocopy of your passport identity page, your Residence Visa and your Emirates Card. If you have previous Schengen Visa, photocopy it as well.
  4. NOC Letter from your employer that states your 1. designation in the company, 2. date you were employed, 3. your salary details and 4. the purpose of your visit. I have attached company Trade License and my Manager’s (co-owner) copy of Emirates ID for signature verification.
  5. Bank Statement for 3 months. Although I gave 6 months bank statement, they only require 3 months bank statement stamped and signed by a bank representative. You can go directly to your bank and request for a bank statement.
  6. Return tickets to Czech Republic
  7. Confirmed hotel reservations which I got through You will need to mention the address and the phone number of the hotel as well as the dates of your stay in your application form.
  8. Travel Insurance Certificate for the whole duration of your stay. I got mine from AXA Insurance provided by a travel agency. It must be signed and stamped by the insurance representative.  Coverage must be at least 30,000 Euros.
  9. Detailed Travel Itinerary if you plan to go elsewhere in the Europe. I planned to stay in Czech Republic at the time of my application so I didn’t need to provide a travel plan. If you plan to go to 2 or more Schengen countries, you must provide a detailed travel plan from transportation to accommodations.

Once you have successfully filled out the application form and gathered all requirements needed. You can head directly to VFS Centre in Wafi Mall. It is located at the 2nd level. Their office is open from 9:00AM to 17:00PM. I suggest you go to submit your application at 10:00AM onwards as applicants flock during the first hour.

When you get there, you will be assigned to go inside the room where Czech Republic Schengen Visa is assessed and accepted. The VFS representative will review all your documents and application form to make sure you have all the required documents and to make sure you have filled out the application form correctly.

Once they have assessed your papers, you will then be asked to pay for AED241.00 for the visa application fee. If you want your passport be delivered, you can pay a little extra amount for the courier. No need to pay extra if you plan to pick up your passport.

The whole processing time took around 15 to 20 days. I applied 1 month before my travel dates. If you plan to visit Europe, plan ahead with minimum allowance of 1 month for the visa processing.

You will be notified of the visa process via email and sms. All submissions are delivered to the embassy same day and processing starts the next day of your application. You can track your application by putting your tracking code given by VFS on their website, by emailing or calling their hotline.

Once everything is done, you will just have to wait and relax. You will be notified via sms when your passport is ready to be picked up or delivered. And then, viola! Congratulations on your Schengen Visa application. Time to pack and get all the things you need for the travel.


18 thoughts on “How to Get Schengen Visa from Dubai”

  1. Hi!

    What did you put under family who is an EU/EEA/ch citizen since I have none? I have family in the UK. Ut not sure if that’s acceptable after brexit!

    Please help!



    1. Hi Taz,

      Since I don’t have any family members in EU/EEA/CZ I didn’t wright anything. Schengen Visa doesn’t include UK even before the brexit, so, I don’t think it matters if you put your family member in the UK on your Schengen Visa application. I hope this helps. Goodluck on your visa and happy travels!


      1. Thanks for your reply Joanne!

        Also what did you put for name of inviting person/organization/sponsor?

        I’m just going by myself and I’m sponsoring the entire trip myself.


  2. Hello there again, Taz!

    So, about your question, I didn’t put any inviting person/organization/sponsor as I got no invite from any of them.
    If you didn’t get an invitation letter, just skip that part in your application..

    Which country is your entry point, by the way?

    Glad to hear from solo travelers! 🙂

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for your reply! Entry point is Dubai.
      I’m planning a trip to Italy soon. Have you been there? I’m a little scared traveling on my own to a. new country lol don’t know who to trust, especially taxi drivers etc. any advice for Italy or in general?


  3. Hello!

    I haven’t been to Italy but definitely planning to. Don’t be afraid to travel solo. I have traveled solo too many times around the Philippines before , my home country and in South East Asia.

    One tip I can tell you is that, which is very important, at least for me, is to research everything before heading to your destination. From airport, hotel location, transportation, restaurants, currency, travel time, food, tour and transpo costs to warnings about certain things eg buses, taxis, people, events, etc. From there make a detailed plan from Day 1. Make your itinerary full so you won’t get bored alone hehe..check out the free tours as well.

    Along the way, you will for sure meet fellow travelers, talk and mingle.

    You will for sure never going to regret traveling solo.. 🙂

  4. Hello!
    Thanks a lot for your help!
    I am travelling with my brother to Amsterdam, but I am so worried that the visa wont get accepted since Im currently a master student. I am wondering how did you reserve a flight ticket, because I dont want to risk reserving a real ticket and the visa wont get accepted. Also what cheap insurance do you suggest other than AXA because it costs around 15 AED( i have seen several ones e.g: Mawista, I am anxious if these would be trusted or not, especially you said that it has to be stamped by the insurance representative.
    I would really appreciate your help 😀
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for checking up my blog. You will for sure enjoy Amsterdam!
      I think there will be no problem traveling as a student as long as you have all the required documents.:)
      With regards to my plane tickets (real one), I bought mine prior to visa application. There are open tickets that you can avail. Try calling Emirates Airlines. I heard they can provide refundable tickets. With the travel insurance, there are travel agencies where you can get it cheaper. Try calling Al Rais Travel Agency. Make sure it is signed and stamped.


  5. I am really sorry, but I just wanted to ask you if you recommend me to use this website for flight dummy reservation till I get acceptance (
    sorry again
    Thank you

  6. hi,
    would you mind sharing approximately how much you spent during the trip to Prague and amsterdam including visa and all? Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Thel! Thanks for dropping by! I travelled with a friend and I think we spent around AED 10,000 including airfares, transporation, accommodation, food and tours. If you are going to stay in hostels, it’ll be cheaper.

      Breakdown of our expenses:

      Air Tickets:
      Dubai-Europe Roundtrip – AED 4,000
      Prague to Amsterdam -AED 1,200
      Prague (Accommodation) – AED 700
      Amsterdam – AED 1,900
      Cash – AED4,100

      1. Hi again Joanne!

        So since the last time we spoke, I’ve finally been to Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and The Netherlands ☺️.
        I’m interested in applying for a multiple wntry visa for Spain this coming December and I’ve only ever tried single entry before. I want to go to Spain in December and Iceland in March so both trips are 4 months apart and a multiple entry or 2 entry visit seems a better option. What should I keep a look out for when applying for a multiple entry visa? Should I give them confirmed documents for Iceland as well as Spain?


      2. thanks for the response, but this AED 10,000 is for both of you or each? sorry got confused 🙂

    1. Hi Claudine!

      I am not really sure about this. I’ll just say budget a thousand dirhams a day to be safe and then double/triple it (airfare, accommodation excluded). It depends on which country you are planning to apply to and the days you plan to stay. Hope this helps! 🙂

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