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DIY: Bangkok – Siem Reap

DIY: Bangkok – Siem Reap

Bangkok is perfect for those first solo budget travel trips that’s why I have chosen BKK to be my very first solo travel outside the Philippines. I was so excited! The fact that I am going to do it solo made it more exciting! I was never afraid of traveling solo. For me, it makes me know myself better.

Traveling solo in a new place takes a lot of courage especially for women travelers. The secret, for me, is researching about anything about the place before going. From the people, geography, transportation, etc. Also, learn to talk to strangers, your co-traveler. You might spot some friends for keeps! Just always be on the look of yourself. Always be careful. Shit happens when you allow it.

This trip made me realize how tiny I am in this world, I became more open-minded and had a deeper appreciation for culture. This trip inspired me to see the world and experience every bit of it.

Let me share to you some highlights and tips from my DIY trip to Bangkok and Cambodia for 7 days (March 2-8, 2014).


1. Passport, visa (if needed), cash (US dollars and Baht) and cameras.
2. Extra walking shoes/slippers, a nice cap or pashmina, sunblock lotion.
3. Printed maps (Train stations, directions to your hotel, and other places you want to see).
4. Your love for cultures.

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